Bad sleep is costing the US $411 Billion in lost productivity each year

Is your team contributing to this?


Improve your bottom line, team morale, office energy and productivity by bringing in a Performance Sleep Coach to talk, coach and motivate.


Offering engaging, enlightening and meaningful workshops on sleep. Designed for a professional audience and customized to fit the needs of your culture, staff and goals. Covering topics such as:

  • Insomnia

  • Naps

  • Daytime fatigue

  • Caffeine and other substances

  • Energy management

  • Blue light and sunshine exposure

  • Early meetings & late nights

  • Stress reduction

  • Mindfulness


Past Clients


About Your Workshop Host

Kelly Benson is an award-winning public speaker with a passion for engaging and educating audiences. She addresses audiences domestically, globally and online on the topics of sleep, wellness and entrepreneurship.

As the creator of the Performance Sleep Method and one of the few adult sleep coaches in the world, she is a unique asset for your team and business.

Having lived and survived through corporate and startup burnout herself, Kelly understands the devastating affects that fatigue can have on performance, mood and morale. Having once worked at a startup during a phase of insomnia and averaging only 3 hours of sleep per night for 9 weeks, Kelly watched as her world crumbled around her and she was unable to perform her duties at work, let alone, in life. This experience was her wake up call to begin addressing her physical and mental health so that she may be set up for success as a driven and motivated entrepreneur.

If your team is made of go-getters who want to feel and perform their best, then a sleep workshop with Kelly is a no-brainer.

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Client Testimonials

Kelly is an absolute Pillar of Wisdom in the area of Sleep! Her mastery over the subject matter is unparalleled and she clearly outlines both the science and application of optimizing sleep to take your performance to the next level! She brought unprecedented insights to our mastermind community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners and other leaders who now have a secret weapon thanks to her calm and personable presentation and her warm speaking style. I will not be surprised when I read the headlines about Kelly’s influence on our society’s completely transformed state of being.
— Dennis McGinley, Founder of Strivent Coaching
Kelly showed up early and connected with every attendee before starting. Her interactive exercises and relevant information resonated with the audience. Kelly’s sincere speaking style made us all feel heard, loved, and fully capable to leave with new practices for a healthier lifestyle.
— Cory Johnson, Event Coordinator for Mountain Workspace
Kelly is a very inspirational speaker who engages her audience with charisma and personal wisdom. She has the rare ability to use her own experiences to make larger points that are relevant to diverse audiences. I’m always captivated by Kelly’s honest storytelling style.
— Shannon Beets, Executive Vice President and Provost, Sierra Nevada College

Are you ready to enhance the performance and quality of life for your team?

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