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Hey Sleepyhead!

Kelly Benson is an adult sleep specialist trained in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, sleep science, stress management and holistic nutrition. Based in Truckee, California, she is both an athlete and an entrepreneur who understands the importance of sleep for mind-body recovery. 

Over the years, she has naturally healed her own insomnia, restless sleep, daytime fatigue, and caffeine addiction. Although a long and windy journey for her, she’s grateful for the experience as it laid the foundation for her mission: to help others heal their sleep so they may wake up to their true potential. 

After receiving lackluster information on sleep through big name wellness courses who simply regurgitated the top hacks everyone already knows, she took it in her own hands to learn more and go deeper. This led her to study Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, the first line of defense for chronic insomnia for adults, as well as mindfulness and circadian rhythm disruption.


With much of the information being too dense and heady for the general public, she chose to build a business around making sleep information both approachable and fun. She does this through her Performance Sleep Method, which implements the mind-body-lifestyle tactics supported by the latest research in CBTi, Mindfulness and Circadian Rhythm efficiency.

Collectively, these principles are guaranteed to improve chronic insomnia and take sleep from good to great in 7-weeks or less. By doing so, Kelly is helping to improve the health and wellness of the global population, one rested mind at a time. As an advocate for everyone living a big life, Kelly sees the role of sleep as a vehicle for us stepping fully into our best selves with energy, gumption and vitality.

With this in mind, she invites everyone to imagine what life they’d really love to live if they woke up refreshed every morning. 

If you could wake up to your life’s true potential, what would be waiting for you?

By answering that question and having a crystal clear vision in your mind, the likelihood of you healing your sleep issues will skyrocket! This is why every client that Kelly works with begins by identifying and embodying their “why” for being conscious, alert and energized.

Are you ready to move the needle closer to really living your “why”? If so, le't’s do this!

The world is ready for you to perform at your best.



  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

  • Sleep Science Coach at NESTA Institute

  • Stress Management Coach at NESTA Institute

  • Trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) by PESI and Penn State

    • Instruction led by Michael Perlis PhD

    • Donn Posner PhD

    • Jason Ellis PhD

  • 200-hr Yoga Teacher (in training) at Wanderlust Yoga Squaw Valley