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Do You Prioritize Sleep Over Other Obligations? *
Example: working late, going out with friends, household chores, etc.
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Do you feel like you need to "catch up" on sleep?
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Do You Go To Bed at the Same Time Each Day? *
Without Any Obligations, Would Your Sleep and Wake Times Change? *
Check 'Yes' if your natural tendencies for sleep differ from your actual schedule
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Out Of The Following Symptoms, Which Do You Consistently Experience? *
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How Close is Your Diet to Paleo? *
I.E. Organic, non-processed, lean protein, high-quality fat, lower carbohydrate, and minimal sugar
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How Often Do You Drink More Than 400mg of Caffeine Per Day? *
Example: 5 Shots of espresso, Two 5 Hour Energy Shots, 1 Starbucks Venti brewed coffee, 2.5 16 fl oz Monster Energy Drinks, 5 8 fl oz Red Bulls, 11 cans of soda)
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Do You Track Your Sleep with an App or Wearable? *
Which of These Habits Do You Have? *
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