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Reinvention With Intention Online Workshop

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 @ 6 PM PST


 At the intersection of intuition and strategy lies your golden path toward intentional reinvention.


This workshop is about intentionally reinventing oneself in order to live a life that feels authentic, effortless and aligned. If you no longer recognize or resonate with an area of your life, then it’s time to make changes that lead you on the path toward personal, professional and lifestyle fulfillment.

You’ll be guided through my six steps of intentional reinvention so you can go from overwhelm and analysis paralysis to clarity and confidence.



+ You’re ready to make a change in your career and/or lifestyle

+ You’re deciding between several different options and need help making a decision

+ You’re not really sure what you want but you know it’s gotta be different than what you currently have

+ You’re stuck in a cycle of overwhelm, feelings of defeat, self-blame or comparison

+ You’re ready to fully tap into your intuition and create a life that’s authentic to you

+ You’re exhausted from doing what you “should” do or what other people expect of you

+ You have one foot in and one foot out of a big change and need that final push to just do it!


As you grow, age and evolve…

... you will discover that your current reality doesn’t support your new vision and understanding of yourself. You’ll feel tense, anxious, depressed and out of balance. These are signs that it’s time to make a heart-centered change and the fact that you’re here means that YOU’RE READY to do it.


What you’ll learn:


Phase 1:



You’ll identify which area of your life is most of balance right now by tapping into your intuition and then decide what you’d like to focus on for the workshop.


You’ll learn how to take radical responsibility for this area of your life and how it has become the current reality. Through self-love and reclaiming your power, you’ll learn to free yourself of perceived failures, victimhood and defeat.


Now the juicy part! You’ll learn how to bring decisive clarity to what it is you really want by embracing your unique desires and deciding on your new amazing story.

Phase 2:



This is where you’ll bring practicality to your intuitive knowing so that this new story can actually become a reality. You’ll learn how to effectively bring it to life without overwhelm, chaos or falling back into a cycle of paralysis.


Now is the time to actually make the leap and begin the reinvention process! You’ll learn how to create a daily, fail-proof plan that moves your strategy forward. From mantras, affirmations and daily habits, the new you will require a new way of thinking, feeling and being.


Nothing is written in stone for you multi-passionate badass! Learn how to remain flexible and adaptable as conditions change and as your interests evolve so you can continue building from a place of authentic alignment (fun fact: Adaptability is my #1 strength on the Clifton Strengths Finder, so you’re in epic hands here)



Whats Included


Guided lectures on the topics with personal stories from my many reinvention episodes


Introspective journaling prompts that will help you navigate each step


A custom tracking spreadsheet that you can use to check in with your progress weekly, monthly, quarterly and  yearly


Guided visualization to increase your vibration and help you step into this new reality with confidence and clarity


Recording of the workshop to access anytime


Recording of guided visualization exercise to use anytime you want to increase your manifestation powers


How It Works:



This workshop will take place live at 6:00 PM and go for 75 minutes


This workshop is 100% online so you can be anywhere in the world (depending on your sleep schedule). We’ll be using Zoom Conference, which you can download for free here.


This workshop will be recorded and everyone who attends will have access to it. If you’re unable to attend live, you can pre-purchase the recording at a discounted price below.


Everyone will receive journal documents ahead of time so they can be ready to go. It’s highly suggested that  you transfer the prompts to a journal or print on front/back (there’s a 25% increase in you doing something that you write down)


If you’re interested in receiving personalized mentorship to implement your reinvention process, I’ll go over the options that are available






Q: I can’t attend the workshop live. Will it be recorded?

A: Yes, the workshop will be recorded. If you’re unable to attend live, the recording will be available for a discounted price, which you can pre-purchase below.  

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for the workshop?

A: I will be emailing all participants 24 hours before the workshop with PDF’s of the journaling prompts. To conserve paper, I recommend using the Kami Chrome extension to fill them out during the workshop or transfer the questions to your favorite journal. If you must print, please do it front/back.

Q: Can I show up late?

A: If you’re unable to show up on time, please do come in whenever you’re able. Being present for the dialogue and journaling prompts will be beneficial at any stage, however, it’s strongly suggested that you go back with the recording and work from the beginning. Each stage of Intentional Reinvention is essential and the beginning stages are the preparation for the latter stages.


Hey, I’m Kelly!

I’m a multi-passionate chameleon that has unconsciously navigated many reinventions of my life. By blindly going through career transitions, lifestyle changes, relationship changes and even full-blown personality changes, I’ve learned how not to do it. I’ve embarrassed myself online, disappointed family members, broken hearts, and found myself spinning in cycles of defeat, self-criticism, crippling doubt and paralysis by analysis. I’m pretty damn sure that at least 3 years of my 20’s were spent doing nothing productive but struggling to figure my shit out.

Had I had a roadmap like Reinvention with Intention, I could’ve saved myself YEARS of struggle and been living a more intentional and aligned life. But so be it. My journey, mishaps and struggles are now the guiding force behind this program that will help you avoid the same traps.

My mission is to help people find authentic alignment with their inner truth and design an external reality that follows suit.


Are you ready

to Make Shifts?